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Der Download der Software ist nicht mehr verfügbar. Alternativen finden Sie in der Kategorie gps routenplaner. I`d like to inform you that new fix version 3.33.1 will be released today. This version should fix mentioned error 3. Please wait for new version and then try to download map again. Please feel free to contact us in case of any issue. Good evening from Italy. I`ll try to download a kompass purchased map, but every time I received ib error popup, server error can`t download. Please try later. I need to solve in any way. Please help me. Thanks a lot and sorry for my rusted English. Maurizio.

The interface is clean, all functions are clear and there is help. The represented item can be displayed at different angles and with custom halftone settings. Despite the fact that KOMPAS -3D Viewer can be downloaded free, its toolbar has all the necessary features which are often available only in paid counterparts. KOMPAS-3D Viewer is a special utility program for KOMPAS-3D. KOMPAS-3D Viewer can be free downloaded for printing and viewing all the templates and documents created in the program of three-dimensional modeling of various parts, assemblies and drawings – KOMPAS-3D. – Zusätzliche Unterstützung für das neue iPhone und iPad ” I needed a straightforward tool to help me find new business leads locally.” Peter, Chief Executive Officer The trial version of the KOMPAS-3D software for mechanical computer-aided design runs for 30 days. This fully functional version allows you to familiarize yourself with the latest version of KOMPAS-3D by working with the complete software package. It contains all functions found in the commercial version, and runs for 30 days from date of installation. Available in English, Russian, Turkish and Korean. Compass kalibriert man mit einer einfachen Handbewegung in Form einer Acht. In den Einstellungen bestimmt man das Design des Kompasses sowie die zu nutzenden Einstellungen wie realer Norden, Rauschfilter oder Geschwindigkeitsmesser.

Eine Ansicht mit einem GPS-Kompass zeigt neben der Himmelsrichtung ebenfalls die geografische Position an. Zusätzlich kann der Nutzer mit Compass Standort-abhängige Notizen verfassen oder unterschiedliche Hilfsprogramme aufrufen. Error 2, tile 545/373/18 thank again for your efforts. Hello Maurizio, that may work, but I don`t want to move my directory. I think the error is not on our side. This utility also allows you to view and print files of DWG and DXF format. However, you should keep in mind that this utility opens the files of these formats, created only in the current or previous versions, so it needs constant updating. Thanks also for refunding me, that`s not really necessary, I`ts a reasonable cost but this never represent a problem. Tried but failed again same way. I also reinstall everything without any success. Same error message. Maybe my android version was too old? I don`t know.

Have KitKat 4.4. Also, KOMPAS-3D Viewer cannot edit drawings, its functionality doesn`t apply to it. But the files opened with this tool, can be viewed both in bulk form, and in a graphic one, with cuts and sections. Compass dient als einfache und schnelle Orientierungshilfe. Im Freien oder auf Wanderungen erweist sich der Kompass als guter Helfer. Im normalen Alltag eines Handynutzers dagegen braucht man diese Funktion eher selten.